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We offer Barista Courses in the Christchurch area!

Would you like to make a good cup of espresso coffee?

Would you like to work as a barista?

That’s exactly what we would like to show you!

Individuals – Coffee Lovers

Many people who attend are coffee lovers who want to make the best possible coffee, use their coffee beans, espresso machines and grinders to their full potential.

Christchurch Barista Courses

Christchurch Barista Course

Baristas and Cafe Staff

Most of our clients / students are baristas or staff working in cafes. Have you ever wondered why there are so big differences between the coffee you get at different cafes, all of them using professional espresso machines? There are about 50 different things you can do wrong, when making espresso coffee.

We will teach you the basics: Extracting espresso shots, texturing milk and making silky froth and how to make the different coffees. Wonder what a two-thirds latte is, or a piccolo? We can show you. You will receive some laminated sheets showing the preparation of different styles of coffees.

Trained-on-the-job or self-taught Baristas

Many of our students told us they are working, or have worked as a barista. However, they never received proper barista training. We find that many baristas that were trained on the job often do not understand “why” things are done the way are done – this can be confusing. There may be simple tricks or techniques they were never shown. We can help, after attending one of our courses, you will have a solid basis for working as a barista.

Our courses and rates

Click here to view our rates and learn more about the courses we offer.

Our photo gallery

Click here to view some photos taken during our courses. This will give you an idea of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of our courses.

Make a booking

Click here to make a booking. To contact us via phone or email, visit our Contact Us page.


Barista Relief Staff

We can help with Barista Relief Staff, even on short notice. This service covers the Christchurch area. More details here, or Contact Us.


For bookings or any queries about Barista Courses or Barista Relief Staff, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


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