Barista Courses

If you dream of becoming a barista, a barista course is the first step to take. We offer courses for people who want to work as a barista, or for coffee enthusiasts who want to know how to make the best possible espresso coffee.

A bit of history – we started to do these courses in-house for our own staff, but have decided to offer this service to you. You can read more here.

Course sizes

With us you will never be in a large group where someone lectures from the front. Our students receive much individual instruction. You can ask as many questions as you like. To answer your question we will tell you and also show you how it’s done and then let you try and practice until you get the hang of it. Our courses are hands-on and very practical.

  • Most of our courses are one-on-one.
  • If demand for our courses is high, we may book two individuals into one course. If you prefer a one-on-one course let us know when you book.
  • We have at least two coffee machines and two grinders.
  • Bookings for two people are welcome – please contact us to discuss. Discounts may apply.

To get an idea what our courses are like, visit our Media section.

This is what you will learn

  • Adjust your grinder
  • Prepare perfect shots of espresso coffee
  • Techniques how to adjust the grinder, the tamping and the machine to obtain optimum results
  • Texture milk, make perfect froth
  • How to make the different styles of coffee
  • Advice for working as a barista and/or serving customers 

This is what you get

  • A course teaching you barista skills
  • You will receive a certificate, detailing the content of the course
  • All consumables are supplied by us and included in the price (You can drink as many coffees as you like!)
  • Some free snacks during the break

This is what it costs

You will pay $199. (Current special, Monday to Friday during business hours $160 per person) This includes the course, all consumables (ie coffee, milk etc.) and a certificate of attendance.

Course Location

We do the courses at our home, which is in Avonhead, close to the airport.

Please contact Brigitte by phone or via email to discuss details, or if you want to make a booking!

Course times

  • The duration of the 1 day course is 3.5 hours, including one 30min break. (This is is for individuals.)
  • For two people, the typical course is 4.5 hours, including one 30min break.
  • All courses are by appointment, and generally from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5pm.
  • For other times, please contact us, to discuss.

Barista Relief Staff

We are available as Barista Relief Staff. We are not able to provide a one-fits-all rate. Because the assignment may be for a few hours or a few days, around the corner or fairly far away, please discuss your requirements and we will provide you with an offer for our service. For more info on relief staff, click here.


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