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A very positive review of our Barista Courses

We are always happy when our students are happy. Thank you for the kind words, Kelly-Anne.



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Reviews wanted!

Reviews wanted!

This is a call to our former students. If you have a spare minute, please write a review, similar to Hannah’s. We had so much spam, we had to close comments for anyone but registered users. If you are happy to write a review, please email Brigitte and we set you up as a user.


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Cannot recommend enough!!

I am an English traveller wanting to certify my barista skills before looking for work and I’m so happy I found Brigitte’s details online.

The course was very informative and helpful. Brigitte has a lovely friendly personable approach, great knowledge of coffee, flavour and preparation and an infectious passion for the subject. The time flew by and I felt my skills were dramatically improved thanks to her guidance.

Thank you again for your help! I strongly recommend people sign up as well!

Hannah G.


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Breville Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville Double Boiler Espresso Machine

The machines we use for our Barista Courses is the Breville Double Boiler Espresso machine. We have two of these. Many of our courses are one-on-one, but can accommodate up to four students in one course.

This is a top of the line single-group espresso machine. Being a single-group this would not be considered a commercial espresso machines. However, we have put quite some thinking into this.

The main advantage of a commercial espresso machine over this one would be that you can make coffee faster, using the two groups.

But we will not be focused on speed. We will focus on quality and making the best possible coffee.

This Breville machine also has user adjustable water or boiler temperature. Most commercial machines need a technician to adjust this. Adjusting the boiler temperature really allows you to tweak the espresso shots to the optimum.

This Breville machine does have a pressure gauge and temperature gauge. It can be used in an automatic mode, or the manual mode.

Considering all this, the Breville Double Boiler is ideal for Barista or Coffee courses – it is small and therefore portable, we can offer courses on site, not only at our premises. On the other hand this machine has everything you find on a commercial machine.


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