How to make a booking

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Special Offer! Our Barista Courses are $160 per person, from Monday to Friday during business hours (9am to 5pm.)

Barista Courses after hours (after 5pm) or on Saturdays are $199 per person!

This is how you can make a booking for a barista course:

  • You contact us via phone, SMS or email (a phone call may be the easiest) and we will offer you days and times when the barista courses are available
  • Please let us know what date and time you select and we will accept a tentative booking
  • We will provide you with bank details. We require the full amount of money for the course into our bank account to secure your booking. (Please note: The full amount of money will NOT be refunded if you cancel less than 48 hours before the course. A $30 amount will be deducted due to perishable consumables bought for the course.)
  • We will confirm your booking via email or SMS, after we have received the full amount into our account.
  • You send us your full name in an SMS or email, so we can include it correctly in the Certificate of Attendance you receive after you completed the course.

If you need clarification, or to make alternative arrangements, please contact us!

Just a brief note, online booking and online payment may be a little bit more convenient for our customers, but also force us to increase the prices. We prefer to make a few phone calls or write a few emails and offer the courses at the best rate we can.


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